I take fun and joyful photos of people who love each other.


I think weddings are great, but your marriage is better.

All couples are different. Your wedding deserves a custom approach.

I capture moments as they happen - never forcing anything, but instead, telling the story that’s going on around me. I’ll guide you to the good light, but I won’t make you put your shoe on over and over again just to get the perfect shot. In fifty years, I want you to look back and remember what your wedding day felt like, not see a bunch of staged photos.

Can I tell you a secret?

Your wedding day is not about the details, or the cake, or the venue. Heck, it’s not even about the photos.

This day? Your wedding day?

It’s about love. It’s about your family flying in from all over the country to celebrate you. It’s about the moment your mom’s eyes tear up when she sees you in your dress for the first time. It’s about your grandpa killin’ it on the dance floor.

I’m just there to document it.


"Rachel, I really don’t have words for how much joy these pictures brought me. I was in tears as I looked through them for the first time.”


Hey! I’m Rachel.

The basics: ISFP, Hufflepuff, type 9 on the enneagram (read: laidback AF). Married, dog-mom, natural redhead, I love food and I love to travel. National parks are my jam and I look forward to long plane rides so that I can catch up on my true crime podcasts.

My philosophy: I take a documentary and candid approach to weddings. I make photos for future generations, not for my portfolio or a “cool” Instagram. Every couple is different and I’m no cookie cutter. I feed off your energy and let that guide me as I photograph you. Extroverted and love to laugh? You can bet I’ll throw some wood on that fire. Introverted and quiet? I know how to ask the right questions and take photos of you that feel and look like you.

My editing style is clean and bright and I stay away from trendy presets. I want my photos to look just as beautiful and timeless in fifty years as they do now. Remember early 2000's wedding photos with sepia tones and selective coloring? Yeah, gross.

My work is always about people first. I don’t care if you’re getting married in a church, a barn, a country club, or on a cliff in Norway. I don’t care what you look like, what you weigh, or who you love. Are you a good person? Do you want some rad photos to remember your wedding day by? Okay, let’s talk.