Zach and Sara - Waterfall Session at Rock Island


Last week we rented a cabin in Standing Stone State park to watch the solar eclipse. My husband had known about the eclipse well in advance, so we reserved this cabin nearly a year ago and invited several friends. Two of those friends were Zach, who is from Florida and works with Brad but they had never actually met, and his fiancée Sara. Sara and I have been friends on Instagram for a while, and she is the cutest fashion blogger in Tampa. 

(as it turned out, we actually had to watch the eclipse from a Bojangles parking lot, but that's a different story)

We loved spending last Sunday showing Zach and Sara around Rock Island State Park, and that waterfall is never less impressive than the first time I saw it. This whole session took maaaaaaybe 10 minutes? I'm pretty efficient. :)

Put together while listening to "Montage" from the Swiss Army Man movie. Guys....I am the biggest advocate for this dang movie. It is the funniest thing I've seen in years. GO WATCH IT (and it's Daniel Radcliffe, do you really need anything else?). Do yourself a favor, look up the lyrics to this song and thank me later.

Rachel Fugate2 Comments