Best of 2017 | Knoxville Wedding and Elopement Photographer

It's hard to begin to write this post because it's the one I look forward to all year long. Nothing I say seems to do it justice! 2017 was my 5th year shooting weddings and they just get better and better every year. I love photographing weddings because I'm a sucker for moments. Quiet bride and groom portraits. Happy tears from parents. Crazy receptions. These are what I live for!

Because numbers are fun - 2017 took me to 6 states and 1 foreign country, and I shot 26 weddings and 5 styled shoots.

A few favorite moments: 

Shooting two different weddings overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains. 

The bride's mother joining the band and singing her heart out. And did I mention said band threw the best reception ever by only playing 2000's pop-punk songs?

The wedding ceremony of two worship leaders whose first act as husband and wife was leading their friends and family in worship. 

Grandparents tearing it up on the dance floor. 

A mountaintop engagement session that the couple drove a total of twelve hours in one day to shoot. 

FOOD. So much good food - taco bars, an Indian buffet, BBQ, food trucks, prime rib, brunch, pasta....I love wedding food.

Wedding guests insisting I put my cameras down and dance with them.

An elopement in the Smoky Mountains.

My friend Caley trusting me to help capture her cousin's wedding whose father had just passed away, resulting in one of the most emotion-filled days I've witnessed.

Joyful brides who greeted me with smiles and hugs, some having never met me.

Dogs on the dance floor (the true way to my heart).

2017 was filled with emotion and joy and kindness and it was too good to me. To all my clients, thank you for another wonderful year. I'm so grateful for you!