Best of Travel 2017

It's crazy going back through this year's travels and seeing everywhere we went. Brad and I spent a grand total of 53 days traveling, but because we take advantage of weekends and work trips, Brad only had to take off about ten days from work! I said it in last year's post so I'll say it again this year - we're pretty much experts at going on vacation and still making it to work on Monday morning. :)

I had a goal to visit 5 new states and 2 new countries this year. I only made it to three new states, but visited 3 new countries + revisited 2 more. If last year was our year of exploring the US, then this year was for exploring other countries.

A few favorite moments from this year: visiting Harvard's campus, going to Cape Cod, staying in a refurbished motel built for old western stars in the 50s, getting up close and personal with some seals, spending my birthday weekend hiking in one of my favorite national parks while it snowed, Iceland (yeah the whole country was my favorite moment), learning how to make traditional Irish bread, visiting an oyster farm, having tea at a local Irish woman's cottage, our cute Irish bed and breakfast, sleeping in a castle, paddle boarding with dolphins, traveling overseas by myself for the first time, traveling and learning with new friends in France, experiencing "via ferrata" for the first time in Canyon Sainte-Anne, kayaking through sea caves, and finally, escaping the cold and spending a weekend in the desert.