Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah - Couples Session

I almost gave up.

My husband and I picked up Hunter and AnneMarie at their apartment downtown right at rush hour. The phone was telling us that the drive was going to take an extra thirty minutes, even though we had calculated the drive time during rush hour several times the week before. Our ETA was ten minutes before sunset. It stormed the entire two hours there. We discovered on the drive that our rental car's back bumper was not fully attached, so it constantly flapped against the car. At one point we hit an insanely windy stretch of interstate, and the flapping abruptly stopped. We all guessed that the wind had picked it up and threw it off, but we couldn't see it out of the rearview mirrors, and it was too late to try to find it. 

I was so worried that I was wasting everyone's time, that we'd get there and maaaaaybe be able to take a couple of pictures. I kept apologizing to them and thanking them because their positivity about the whole situation was just overwhelming. "It's an adventure for sure!" Hunter said.

We arrived at the Salt Flats and they were flooded from the rain. We hopped out of the car and were immediately blown over by icy cold winds. The Salt Flats were so wet that it was like walking through cement. But - our bumper was still there! It had somehow miraculously snapped back into place! And the rain had let up! Our first little bits of hope.

We drove further down and the wind became less intense. And then, Hunter scooped up AnneMarie in his arms and walked out into the water in his nice shoes! And then it all clicked. It was all worth it.

Today I'm thankful for joyful, positive, adventurous people who just get it.