Iceland Photo Diary

Back in May we visited Ireland and Iceland (you can view the Ireland blog here). Iceland has become a big hotspot for photographers so it was a no-brainer when we were looking for another country to add onto our trip. We only had four days, but we drove the entire length of the Ring Road. I wouldn't recommend it unless you just love driving. There are a few interesting things on the west side of the country, but most of the good stuff is on the east side. We also drove 100+ miles on a gravel road on the west side and ended up popping a tire and had to change it in the middle of nowhere with no cell service! (thank you Chase Sapphire Reserve for covering that cost! Woohoo!)

We started out in Reykjavik and visited the famous church there - I'll probably just leave out most names here because I don't remember them and they're hard to spell! Someone was playing the organ when we entered and it was the most beautiful sound with the high ceilings. The inside is so gorgeous! That night we stayed in probably the most unique hotel I've ever stayed in. Instead of describing it, I'll just let you check out their website. We spent the next couple of days exploring waterfalls, taking too many photos of horses, and eating overpriced food (have you heard how expensive Iceland is? We were lucky to find a lunch place under $30/person!). Our last day was spent at the Blue Lagoon. We decided to treat ourselves and stay at their hotel. After visiting the main lagoon, we went back to our hotel's private lagoon and took some photos since we were the only ones there. My hair made for some really cool photos, but PLEASE listen to the lady at the front desk who tells you to put your hair up and don't let it get wet. I thought my hair could handle anything but that water is no joke. Once it dried it was so stiff and dry and crinkly. It took five washes and three days for it to return to its normal state. The only way to tame it was to pull it back in a braid, and the poor TSA lady at the airport asked to check my braid and had to run her hands through it. Just don't do it, friends.