Read This Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer!

It seems like there are SO MANY OPTIONS for a wedding photographer these days. It can be overwhelming to choose one, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I’ve come up with a few simple steps you can take to be better prepared on your search for a wedding photographer below!

  • What’s your style?

    These are the photos that will be passed onto your children and grandchildren. They’ll be hung on the wall and you’ll look at them for the rest of your life. So it’s reaaaaally important that you love them! First, think about the kind of editing that catches your eye. In the photography community, there are two different styles on each end of the spectrum that we refer to - “dark and moody” and “light and airy” - and then there’s everything in between. Take some time to look through Pinterest, Instagram, and even Google and figure out which style you like better.

    There are also different types of shooting styles that you should be aware of. Some photographers are documentary and shoot things as they happen, while other photographers are very hands-on during the day. There’s no right or wrong style, but think about which you’d prefer on your wedding day. It’s also important to know what style of posing you like. Some photographers use classic posing and they’ll tell you exactly how to stand and where to put your hands. Other photographers are more candid and use prompts and directions to get natural smiles. And other photographers are artistic with an editorial posing-style. It should be clear from their website what their approach is!

  • Do you like this photographer?

    Here’s a secret - you’ll probably spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than with your new spouse, so pick someone you like! Do your personalities mesh well together? Are they a fun person to be around, if that’s what you need on your wedding day? Are they a calm person, if that’s what you need on your wedding day? You get the idea. You can usually get a feel for who they are from their website and Instagram, but meeting them in person or on a phone call is even better!

  • Read reviews!

    I can’t stress this one enough. It’s easy to take a good photo and post it on Instagram. What you need to know is if they’re experienced and if they have happy clients. Pay particular attention to reviews that talk about how the photographer made that client feel. There are some great photographers out there that have no people skills! It can put a bad taste in your mouth if your photographer seems uninterested or cold on your wedding day.

  • Know your budget.

    Wedding photography prices vary WILDLY, which is why it’s good to have a ballpark budget upfront. You don’t have to know it down to the penny, but a rough estimate can keep you from being disappointed if your budget is strict at $3500 and you inquire with a $4000 photographer. If photos are a big priority to you and you love a specific photographer, it’s okay to stretch your budget or save in other areas!

  • What do you need?

    Do you need all day coverage? Or are you having a small wedding and just need a couple of hours? Do you want an engagement session? An album? It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you need, as any good photographer will help you and talk you through it! But having a general idea of what you need on your wedding day may help lower costs!

  • BONUS: Have questions prepared.

    You can view my list of questions to ask your potential wedding photographer here.