Ryan and Chelsae Engagement Session || Knoxville Wedding Photographer

These two are either running marathons together or binge watching Netflix while eating pizza - plus they have one of the funniest "how we met" stories:

When Chelsae and Ryan met for the first time, Chelsae says she thought that Ryan couldn't speak english because he kept asking her to repeat everything and he only responded with one-word sentences. She said she was relieved when her friends pulled her away from the awkward situation. As she was leaving, Ryan asked for her number, to which she kindly replied, "no". Five minutes later, she felt a hand on her arm and she saw Ryan again. He said, "I'm sorry but I'm not gonna give up. Can I please have your number?". Chelsae said she was impressed by his persistence - they went on a date a week later and as it turns out, Ryan can speak perfect english and he's not a weirdo at all. ;)

Ryan and Chelsae are getting married this fall at Chelsae's parents' home! We met up at Seven Islands State Park for their engagement session.