The Ravington Wedding in Centerton, Arkansas | Alex + Pomai

Alex and Pomai’s wedding was one of those rare days where everything went smoothly and stayed on schedule (seriously, that’s like the equivalent of a unicorn in the wedding world). Add in a gorgeous venue, the most fun bridal party, good barbecue, and a hoppin’ dance party and you’ve got yourself a dang good wedding!

One of my favorite touches was that Alex and Pomai decided to do a completely private First Look, just the two of them. I wasn’t even there. And I love that! I always tell my couples that your First Look is one of the only times you get to be completely alone on your wedding day. If you’ve hired a photographer and a videographer who both have assistants, you’re up to at least four people watching this intimate moment, some of them being strangers. So don’t be afraid to tell them you’d prefer to be alone!

Check out Alex and Pomai’s NYC engagement session!


The Ravington

La Beauté


Catbird NYC

Catering Unlimited

Extreme Dance Machines

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