What's In My Bag

I've always been interested in what other photographers have in their arsenal. Gear isn't everything of course, but it's so fun to see the tools that other people use to create their work. If you're in the same boat, I've put together this little blog with all of my equipment!

  • Two Canon 5D Mark iii's - These are my workhorses. I shoot with both of them at every session and wedding. I take the older one on trips, and the newer one stays at home, safely in my office!
  • Holdfast Moneymaker Camera Harness - I love this freaking thing, plus, it makes me look really cool. ;) I get comments from wedding guests all the time about it. I love it because I'm able to attach up to three cameras to it making them easily accessible. I love being able to shoot with multiple cameras because I don't have to switch out lenses as often, and there's an immediate back-up if one of them starts acting up. It also helps with back pain, so that at the end of the night I'm not wanting to collapse onto my bed and sleep for 40 hours.
  • Canon 5D Mark ii - Back in the day this was my main camera, but it's now retired. It mostly hangs out in my office and in the trunk of my car, only used in emergencies. So far the only time it's had to come out of retirement was last fall when one of my main cameras had to be sent off for repairs.
  • Canon 50L 1.2 - You'll always find this lens on one of my cameras - it's my go-to! I always always always bring this one on trips because it's wide enough for most landscapes while being great for portraits.
  • Canon 35L 1.4 - This is my widest angle lens - good for getting those photos with crazy mountain views in the back!
  • Canon 85mm 1.8 - A cheapie but a goodie. This one is also amazing for portraits! You get a lot of bang for your buck with this lens.
  • Two Yongnuo 600EX-RT Flashes - Yongnuo is a brand I have come to love. Usually when something is this cheap, there's a catch. There's no catch with Yongnuo, and I've never met a photographer who could tell me anything bad about them. These flashes are a fifth of the price of the Canon counterpart! So crazy! They are simple to use, have a fast recycle time, and I'll be the first to admit they have been dropped several times, but you'd never be able to tell! I love these things.
  • Canon 430EX II Flash - One of Canon's cheaper flashes, but still powerful! This was my first flash and it served me well, but it's not as good as my Yongnuo flashes so it's become a reliable back-up.
  • Magmod Bounce - I used to think that flash modifiers were all just a marketing ploy - just learn how to bounce your flash! But listen. Caley let me use hers at a reception I was second shooting for her and it was MAGIC. I immediately bought one after trying hers. I've only had it for a couple months now and it has already saved my life, no joke.
  • Bag #1 - This green Canon bag actually belonged to my grandfather! It's old school but I love it. I carry all of my batteries, flashes, and other knick-knacks in it to weddings.
  • Bag #2 - My Shootsac stays with me most of the day. I put my lenses, cards, and an extra battery in it for easy access if something should happen and I need to quickly replace a battery or card.
  • Bag #3 - This blue backpack is seriously amazing. I take it on our trips and it fits on the plane as my personal item. It has a laptop sleeve, but the best part is the camera compartment on the bottom! It keeps my camera and lenses safe while traveling. Here's the link if you want to see the inside. 
  • Knick-Knacks - Yongnuo Wireless Flash Triggers, Cowboy Studio Wireless Flash Triggers, Light Stands, Adorama Slinger with 14 different CF and SD cards, Canon Batteries, Eneloop Pro Rechargeable Batteries, Reflector 

  • GoPro Hero 4 - This camera is purely for fun! We take it with us on any trips where we will be in the water or doing something like ziplining.
  • DJI Mavic Pro - Another camera purely for fun. We've been able to get some amazing photos and videos with this drone. If wedding season will ever slow down I might have time to put together a video someday. ;)

Not Pictured - Pentax 645N Camera - it's off getting repaired :( 


What's in your bag? Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!