Rainy Summer Day Wedding at Dara's Garden | Knoxville, TN

Philip and Emma's greenery-heavy wedding stole my heart. I don't think I'll ever get over it. And Dara's Garden was the perfect backdrop for their rainy wedding day - especially their hidden greenery tunnel at the top of the hill. :)

Some of my favorite details - the flower girls' dresses were both dresses that Emma had worn in her older brothers' weddings, and the petals they threw on the aisle were from all the bouquets Philip had given Emma over the years. Emma and her bridesmaids did ALL the florals and bouquets. And there was a donut wall + unlimited The Killers songs at the reception.

See their Max Patch engagement photos here!

Norway Elopement Inspiration || Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and Bergen

A $100 dress from Lulus, a cute married couple, and a road trip through a different country is sometimes all you need to make a little magic. (and then tourists hiking Pulpit Rock will stop you every 10 seconds for a picture because they think you really just got married up there)

Philip + Emma || Max Patch Engagement Session || Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Philip and Emma have been in a long-distance relationship for FIVE years. When I asked what they were most excited for about marriage, they both said "Being in the same state". Oh the things we take for granted!

And I can't blog these photos without telling you the stressful (and now funny) backstory: We had planned to meet up in a Kroger parking lot so that we could all ride together up to Max Patch, but I forgot to clarify which city the Kroger was in. So Emma's phone took them to the same address, but a different city an hour away! Luckily when we figured it out, we realized we were both about an hour from Max Patch, so we decided to meet there. But if you've been up to Max Patch, you know that Apple Maps doesn't quite take you to the right spot. So we BOTH got lost, with no cell service. Emma had told me what kind of car they were driving, so when I finally found the right spot, I saw their car parked there too. But no Philip or Emma. So I thought, "they must have gotten a head start on the hike. I bet they're waiting for me up at the top". So I BOOKED it up the mountain, but when I reached the top, they weren't there. I did however get service at the top, and just then, a text came through from Emma saying, "We are a little bit lost. I think we missed the window". Cue the heart attack. I sat at the top for a few minutes wondering what I should do. The cell service wasn't strong enough for me to get a text to send. At that point the sun had dipped below the mountains and the light was disappearing, so I thought it would just be best to start driving down the mountain until I got cell service. Then I could call Emma and we could get another plan together. I felt so awful! But not even two minutes after my drive down, we passed each other! THE RELIEF I FELT. We only had about 30 minutes before sunset, so I told them we could still make it, it would just be a condensed version of my normal engagement sessions. ;) I ended up taking the same amount of photos as I do at a normal session, and they received the average amount of photos too! Everything worked out!

Philip and Emma, thank you for trusting me and and for being so gracious and relaxed!

Phillip and Paloma || The Standard Wedding || Knoxville Wedding Photographer

A couple years ago, Paloma posted in a local facebook group looking for a photographer to photograph an in-home session for her and her boyfriend Phillip. They had just bought their first house together and wanted photos of it. I responded to the post and she messaged me, and the rest is history. A little over a year later, Phillip called me and told me his plans to propose to Paloma and that he wanted to hire a photographer to capture it. Shortly after getting engaged, they hired me for their wedding and engagement photos - at this point I've photographed them four separate times! We're basically BFFs at this point. ;)

Phillip and Paloma's wedding at The Standard was filled with personal details - my favorites were Paloma designed and made her own dress (this still just floors me), and she designed the invitations (she's an amazing calligrapher and graphic design artist!). And then they went to the Maldives for their honeymoon. Can you say couple goals?

And of course, the amazing vendors that made this day possible:

Venue: The Standard

Planner/Florals/Rentals: Honeybee Events

Videography: Axel Marshall

Band: Emerald Empire Band

Invitations and Dress: Paloma!

Ryan and Chelsae Engagement Session || Knoxville Wedding Photographer

These two are either running marathons together or binge watching Netflix while eating pizza - plus they have one of the funniest "how we met" stories:

When Chelsae and Ryan met for the first time, Chelsae says she thought that Ryan couldn't speak english because he kept asking her to repeat everything and he only responded with one-word sentences. She said she was relieved when her friends pulled her away from the awkward situation. As she was leaving, Ryan asked for her number, to which she kindly replied, "no". Five minutes later, she felt a hand on her arm and she saw Ryan again. He said, "I'm sorry but I'm not gonna give up. Can I please have your number?". Chelsae said she was impressed by his persistence - they went on a date a week later and as it turns out, Ryan can speak perfect english and he's not a weirdo at all. ;)

Ryan and Chelsae are getting married this fall at Chelsae's parents' home! We met up at Seven Islands State Park for their engagement session.