I'm Rachel.










ISFP, Hufflepuff, type 9 on the enneagram. Married, dog-mom, natural redhead, lover of all things food, and wanderer - national parks are my jam and I look forward to long plane rides so that I can catch up on my true crime podcasts.

I studied film photography at MTSU for 2 years, but ended up graduating from UT with a degree in marketing.

I've been shooting weddings since 2012, and I love every minute of it - especially when there's a wild reception.

I'm most inspired by symmetry, joy, hard light, kindness, and greenery. Past clients have said that I bring a quiet calmness to wedding days (that and dad jokes).

We might be a good fit if -

1. The most important photos to you (besides the ones of you and your new hunny) are the candids of your friends and family.

2. You care more about having fun with the people you love than you do about a little dirt on your dress.

3. You want photos that you can pass down to your grandchildren. Photos that will still be beautiful in fifty years and not look outdated.

4. You love The Office and need someone to text Michael Scott gifs to (just kidding. kind of.).

Valid passport, National Park pass up to date, can pack a suitcase in 15 minutes. Let's adventure together.